Colour Coded Cutting Boards for Kitchen – 4 Pack with Vertical Storage Case - BPA-Free Knife-Safe Plastic Chopping Board Set - 30cm x 23cm Large Cutting Boards by Kitchvin®

✔ BPA-FREE DISHWASHER SAFE … so you can chop & wash away in peace… & without chemicals. FDA approved for safe contact with food & heat resistant durability for dishwashers.

 ✔ PREVENT CROSS CONTAMINATION … avoid getting harmful bacteria from raw meats on the rest of your dinner. Besides… who wants fish flavour on their salad greens?

 ✔ COUNTER SAVING VERTICAL STORAGE… since cutting boards are used so often, having them handy is essential. The included vertical storage case takes up a 30 CM x 23 CM footprint on the counter!

 ✔ MAINTAINS SHARP KNIFE EDGES … Kitchvin® Chopping Boards are made of BPA free plastic safe for knife edges. Top chefs know how wooden cutting boards can damage their expensive knives…

 ✔ NO-CONFUSION COLOUR-CODING … 4 colour coded boards with grip-friendly tabs. Easily identify labels for Raw Meat, Cooked, Vegetables, & Fish so you can keep them separated during a hectic cooking session.


Using just one cutting board, it’s hard to be confident bacteria or flavours from raw meat won’t remain… With Kitchvin’s Colour Coded Chopping Board Set it’s easy to avoid cross-contamination (& keep that chicken flavour away from the lettuce!) Click ADD TO CART now for Colour-Coded-Cooking-Contamination-Control today 

  • Keep Flavours Separated
  • Stay More Organized with Chopping
  • Avoid Spreading Raw Meat Bacteria
  • Line Up Boards on Counter in Order of Operations
  • Dedicated Boards for Zero Chance of Cross Contamination

100% Yes. Throw these 4 color coded boards in the dishwasher and avoid hand washing. Especially annoying hand washing with raw meat… but not for you!


Absolutely! Our FDA certified chopping boards are safe for even the most aggressive choppers in the kitchen. We believe the food we eat should be as clean as possible.

Don’t worry, you're covered by our 100% Money Back Warp Free Guarantee, no questions asked. Click ADD TO CART now for Colour-Coded-Cooking-Contamination-Control today