Table Cutlery and Napkin Holder

For hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, eateries, homes, schools, colleges, leisure centres, government buildings, private and public establishments

Impress your guests. Have a fine dining experience and reduce clutter!

Patented Premium Table Cutlery and Napkin Holder to enhance your eating, dining and outing experience. Aesthetically designed and hand crafted to suit your culinary needs.

  IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Impress customers with the eye pleasing and orderly presentation. Improved eating and dining experience as all cutlery are neatly arranged conveniently within arm’s length. No more awkward waiting and pauses while cutlery are replaced..

 Cutlery is stacked for as much as 3-5 courses and napkins stacked in the support base Napkin Holder allowing uninterrupted eating experiences.

 ✔REDUCES CLUTTER: Space savings and pristine looking arrangements in your establishment. Gone are cutlery lying on tables, in containers, on bar table top surfaces on top of napkins on tables. No more untidy arrangements and cutlery falling on floors or brushed against by bags, clothes, people passing by and other objects. Problem of cutlery arrangement for group bookings is solved.

 BRANDING AND MERCHANDISING OPPORTUNITIES: Brand with your establishment logo or cutlery measurements subject to minimum order quantities and a setup fee.

 Branded Cutlery and Napkin Holders are revenue earners for your establishment too. Customers will admire your Cutlery and Napkin Holder asking where you bought them. Instead of directing them to us, you can offer them for sale in-house.  

 LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES: available for International and national caterers, retailers, wholesalers, cutlery manufacturers, kitchen and home products manufacturers and distributors, etc.

 REVENUE INCREASE: Increased revenue from improved customer experience, better service, less stressed staff, merchandising/branding using Kitchvin® Cutlery and Napkin Holders in your establishment and venue.

KITCHVIN® is a Registered Trade Mark. World patents and design rights pending. Worldwide© strictly reserved.


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